10 Foods You Should Be Eating if You’re Training

These “Mega-Foods” are super-important as part of your training routine

This post was originally written with rugby players in mind. It’s all about pre-season training and the foods you should be eating. However, the foods described here are also perfect for marathon training. If you don’t feed the engine with the right fuel, it won’t work properly. This applies to all athletes.

1)  The Broccoli family

“Broccoli supplies important detoxifying chemicals,” says Lovell. “Other vegetables you can eat are brussel sprouts, cauliflower, kale, bok choi and cabbage. They will aid recovery, liver function and increase antioxidant protection. They are also good for maintaining hormonal balance.

“There’s a link between poor health (especially prostate health in men) and plastics in the environment. You can’t do this every time, but it’s worth considering getting your veg from a fruit stall that sells produce in paper bags, and likewise your meat from a butcher occasionally.”

2)  Eggs

“They’re very high in high-quality protein, B vitamins, zinc and good fats. They’re good for sustaining lean body mass and rebuilding muscle, and are also beneficial for your immune system and hormonal balance.

“It’s a myth that too many eggs cause high cholesterol, and you can eat three or four a day if you’re training. There’s a much greater link between excess sugar and insulin to high cholesterol.”


3)  Wild Salmon

“It’s higher in essential fats and protein, and lower in total and omega 6 fats than other salmon. You also get too much total and omega 6 fats from eating too many grains, and in excess they are pro-inflammatory for your joints and muscles. You can buy frozen wild salmon quite cheaply in supermarkets.”

4)  Beans and Pulses

“Kidney beans, chickpeas, peas and lentils. They’re very high in fibre and protein, and they’re rich in folate and other B vitamins. They’re high in minerals such as magnesium, too, which help your muscles relax and recover.

“Fibre is essential for optimum digestion and colon health. This food group, also known as slow carbs, are two thirds carbs and one third protein, and release energy slowly – a good lunch option.”

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5)  Chicken and turkey

“A nice, high-quality, lean protein source. You should always buy free range minimum, and preferably organic. That means the animal won’t have been given antibiotics or hormones, and will have been fed organic food itself. You want to be eating as close as you can to wild meat.

“Turkey is a fraction leaner, but other than that they’re very similar.”

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