6 Reasons why you should start running in 2016

Six reasons to take up running in January, courtesy of Simply Feet

1) Energy boost run 2
If done correctly, running can actually give you a huge energy boost rather than exhaustion. Modern life can make you feel generally sluggish, but do you remember your parents’ mantra of ‘come on, you’ll feel better when you are out’? Well, there is some truth in it. It has been shown that doing exercise does make you feel better. Running increases serotonin levels in the brain, which gives a form of natural high after exercise. Serotonin also helps reduce stress and lowers blood pressure. Time spent running can be the chance to think things through, problem-solve and clarify issues.

It’s easy to fall into the couch-potato routine. People work long hours, with many sitting at desks working on laptops or studying screens. This leaves you mentally exhausted, and after fighting the traffic home, the only thing that looks attractive is a plate of food, the TV remote and the couch. After a few hours of relaxing, and probably a quick snooze, suddenly 10pm comes and you are wide awake.

2) Get a quality nights sleep

Taking exercise actually encourages a higher quality of sleep. If you take a run during the day, you will find your body is actually pleasantly relaxed, your muscles have been stretched and you are ready for a good night’s rest. This means you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on whatever life has to throw at you.

Exercise also plays a part in keeping the little grey cells in good shape too – helping to sharpen the memory and may even reduce your chances of dementia. Active people also reduce their chances of developing colon cancer, and research is showing that women taking regular workouts can lower the risk of getting breast cancer by around 30 per cent.

3) It’s free
One of the best things about running is that it doesn’t cost anything. Gym membership, golf club fees and swim session prices have all been on the rise as people have more leisure time. The beauty of running is that once you have made the essential purchase of a good pair of running shoes, that is pretty much it.

One of the top brands that is worth investing in is Asics running shoes. Everyone has a suitable pair of loose bottoms and a sweatshirt, t-shirt or fleece as appropriate. That said, once you get into running, it’s a very good excuse for a whole new wardrobe of designer wear and essential shoe purchases. Take a look at Simply Feet Running Shoes’ website to see what’s on offer.

4) Run anywhere run 3

Running can be done anywhere. For those who spend a lot of time in hotels, most now have a gym with a running machine. These are usually placed in a prime position in front of the TV, so what better excuse to catch up on the junk TV that you’ve missed.

If not, how about making sure you get booked into a semi-rural hotel overnight, and take the opportunity to have a recce around the area to see if it is worth a future weekend visit? Running gets you around places much quicker, and for some reason is more socially acceptable than just going for a walk on your own.

5) A way to socialise

Running doesn’t have to be a lonely activity. Most areas will have a local running club – invariably with different groups, from those just starting to those putting in the miles for marathon training. It can be a great place to meet people, particularly if you are new to the area. Most run ‘couch to 5k’ sessions, and it will be more enjoyable to run with those who have similar fitness levels and aims.

You also need to consider the other side benefit of weight loss and toning. As you raise your heart rate and burn off those calories, you’ll notice a definitely slimmer, less wobbly you emerging. You can eat more of those banned evil carbohydrates – an ideal opportunity for a trip to the local Italian with your new found friends.

6) A new challenge

For a lot of people, once they reach a certain age, life can get comfortable and maybe a little boring. Running can give you that much-needed challenge. Initially, it could be just running between two lamp posts without collapsing and then on to your first 5k and up. Keep a record of your times, and see the personal bests improving. Those little endorphins can be very powerful things, and your self-esteem will be sky high as your body improves or you complete a new length of run or achieve a better time.

The message is clear: get yourself a decent pair of running shoes at Simply feet and get yourself started on a programme to improve your overall well-being.

Original Post: http://www.runningfitnessmag.com/6-reasons-why-unning-in-2016/

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