Women’s Running Magazine Does a Good Thing

Finally a running magazine that sees sense..

Women’s Running Magazine recently did the world a favor and put a plus sized model on their cover!

Not all of us are built like sticks, but we go running anyway. It’s great to see something like this as it shows that a popular magazine can also be realistic.

A plus-size model on the cover of a magazine — especially a fitness magazine — is relatively rare.


Thanks to Women’s running for the image

“There’s a stereotype that all runners are skinny, and that’s just not the case,” the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Jessica Sebor, told Today.com.

She continued: “Runners come in all shapes and sizes. You can go any race finish line, from a 5K to a marathon, and see that. It was important for us to celebrate that.”
“I think that every woman goes to the magazine rack sometimes and feels like she can’t see herself in the cover images,” Sebor said. “We wanted our readers to feel like they could see themselves in our cover.”
Which is why people were excited and emotional to see Schenk on the cover.