1984 First Women’s Olympic Marathon

Gabriela Andersen-Schiess shows us what determination means

This is truly an incredible story of courage and determination. Similar to Derek Redmond’s 400m finish with a torn hamstring in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the Swiss athlete, Gaby Andersen-Schiess managed to struggle across the line after suffering dehydration and heat exhaustion. As she came into the stadium the crowd gasped to see her leaning to the side and staggering all over the track. She waved away the attention of the medics to prevent being disqualified, thinking that would be her only chance at completing and Olympic marathon.

If there is one moral to come out of this, it is certainly to beware the effects of not drinking enough during the race!

Thanks to http://www.loymachedo.com/ for the image and the Olympics Channel for the video