Jeff Galloway to Run 200th Marathon on 70th Birthday

You’re never too old to start running

Sooo, another excuse bites the dust…. yeah the one about being too old to do sport. We blew away the one about being too fat in this post, so you really don’t have any excuses any more.

If you do, then please feel free to share them with us by adding a comment of the Facebook page. We will be happy to blow that one out of the water as well.

Seriously though, injury or illness notwithstanding, there is really no excuse to letting your body go. Being fit will give you more energy and make you more efficient at work. If you don’t think you can make time for fitness because of the demands of your job, read this article by the Harvard Business School about managing you energy, not your time.


Thanks to Runners World for the video – read more here.